Kentro Hospitality Group

Vasili Kotsiovos

Vasili believes the culinary world should not confine to one definition alone; rather, one that is ever-changing and fluid. Culture, Art and Music inspire him to look at the hospitality industry as a product of what society defines and accepts. Vasili founded Kentro Hospitality Group on the simple principal that the industry should never be stagnant. His respect for detail underlines his ability to adapt to conditions, which enable him to write the story of the experience his guests will receive. With this in mind, Vasili leads Kentro Hospitality Group to be defined by experience. Vasili Kotsiovos studied at the University of Southern California with degrees in Business and Marketing Communications. Vasili is an active Broker in Real Estate and continues to grow the KHG brand.

Konstantine Marougas
Executive Chef

A food enthusiast at heart, Konstantine creates a vision for the culinary arts by incorporating his passion for the flavors of the world. Konstantine’s culinary open-minded approach, enables him to create couture dishes with the utmost respect to detail. A priceless member to the Kentro Hospitality Family, Konstantine delivers a clear vision of the culinary arts, and guides his team with the utmost professionalism and respect. Konstantine has shared his culinary skills with prominent restaurant groups throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. He is a graduate of the Art Institute of Los Angeles and holds degrees in Science and the Culinary Arts.